Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Part 2- Holden's Year 2009 in Review!

March 2009

More brownies and lunch at Grandma's house!

Saying hi to Chee-Chee at Grandma Mikkelson's house!

Making brownies...he HAD to try some batter!

Holden Bolden. Can you say disaster!!!????

April 2009

The chocolate was gooooood! Eating easter candy!

Mom and Holden! All Holden's loot! Easter morning bunny ears!

Saw the face, was a bit scared! hehe Made an Easter bracelet!

Easter at our favorite egg hunt! That's my little tiger!

May-June 2009

Noah and Holden at the Playground!

New bedroom and discovering there's a train right outside your window!

Playground, Drawing and Mud pool fun!

Pool fun with Smiths- Bethany, Katie, Presley and Eva

July-August 2009

Deep chocolate coma!

Hugs for Uncle Christian who left on his mission to Canada!

We love Uncle Christian and miss him sooo much!!

Eating lunch with Eva. Uncle Cam and Kate!

Making Fossils and digging with Uncle Cam!

Loving the shark. Finding fossils with mom!

Favorite dinosaur at the museum.

Having fun with Gabriel at splash grounds!

First snow cone and making mac and cheese! A must!

Fun at the splash grounds.

Wonder where Holden gets his smile from! Lucky charms stuck on his face!

Racing cars were a favorite! Us with Hanna and Noah!

Fun with Noah!

September 2009

Daddy's b-day. He got so excited at the party he thought it was all for him!

First day of Pre-school. Gabriel's helping him on his way. Pooh backpack from Gdma Mercer!

Checking out the fish at the aquarium.

October 2009

Making chocolate suckers with Eva! Cuddling with Gabriel!

Kids on the Move- Last day!


November 2009

I'm not even gonna say what that is on the floor. All I will say is that potty training happened soon after this pic!

Licking every last little bit off of his fingers. Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

Puzzles...his great love! His other great love...DAD!

December 2009

Loved the reindeer until he saw it on his face...then he cried! hehe

Being a reindeer at the Festival of Trees!

Christmas morning as a Samurai! Huggin' dad!


Jen said...

It's fun to see pictures of your cute family! Your boys have grown up so much! They're still as handsome as ever!

Heather Layton said...

It's about time!!! Please, try not to leave us like that for so long. I just got you back! :)

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

SO CUTE!!!! They are growing up so fast! I'm glad to hear you are still alive ;)


Hi! This is Miriam (Gómez) Wolsey. Hope you still remember me. It's been a while but I got your blogg off Melanie (Beers) Wilson and got so happy to see you updated it! Life is well. Our blog is private so send me your e-mail to invite you to it. AUbrey is already 13 months!!!! ANyhow, loved the post keep them coming :D